DNA Crack 



DNA Crack is a recreational science art.  


We create data visualizations using a DNA Palette to create art and put the designs on stuff, such as t-shirts.  The DNA Palette may consist of DNA, RNA, protein, or other various biological data.  These data resonate with everyone, as researchers work to understand the intricacies of their puzzle, and we all hope to understand the intricacies within ourselves. 


DNA Crack aims to present information and concepts outside of a status quo context, to open up ideas and conversations.  On a higher level, we hope to increase understanding and interest around the important fields of biotechnology, biomedicine, and genomic research.  These subjects will be important to the futures of everybody. We showcase the awe, anticipation and wonderment of these remarkable technologies, making them easily approachable for everyone, by sharing information that has already been discovered. 

Why art?

Creativity fuels the leaps in progress.  


Art as a medium is a bridge to visually depict data, creating a new informative aesthetic.  The human mind is renowned for its array of cognitive abilities.  The brain is continually digesting visual information, and we readily attempt to make sense of "disorder" using spatial features.  DNA Crack associates biological data, often constrained to niche fields, with recognizable visual identities such as shape and color.  We might not cure cancer doing this, but hopefully sequencing data (e.g. DNA) will be a lot more tangible.  Or, at the very least, interesting and fun to look at.  Our data visualizations can be appreciated by a 70 year old or a 7 year old.  We hope DNA Crack may serve as a gateway for some-- to discover their interest in studying the evolving biosciences of today.  



based in Austin, TX.


We carefully select the animals for the DNA Crack designs.  Each of the animals are interesting in their own special way.  The biological sequences chosen for their respective DNA Palettes represent an exemplified trait or feature in each of them.  For example, for a very powerful animal known for its strength we might use a muscle gene for the DNA Palette sequence.  Next we team up with an artist to create the design.  This brainstorming of varying perspectives contributes to the unique personality of DNA Crack art.   


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What's Next?

We'd like to continue to collaborate with talented artists and graphic designers to bring our DNA Crack designs and concepts to life.  We hope to hear from people about some of their favorite animals or plants, as well as products beyond t-shirts that they'd like to see.  And eventually...we'd like to do more personalized stuff.  



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